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Pick job and apply

Pick Job and Apply

Going at the job search alone can be daunting, frustrating and sometimes discouraging. At GenConnect Recruiting, we want to make finding the career of your dreams easy and stress-free. Because we don’t like doing things the old fashion way, we’ve created a job search and application process that is intuitive, automated and efficient.

We offer jobs from around the U.S. in a variety of industries, and will not only help you understand what types of jobs you should be looking for, but will also assist you in your career plans, assessments and development. 

We’ve partnered with a reputable firm to ensure your application process is as seamless as possible. Many companies utilize computerized filters to vet out resumes, causing some resumes to be lost in the system, never to be seen by an actual human in HR. With our robust application processing system your application is expedited into the hands of an actual recruiter who will review your resume.

Helpful Job Hunting Hints: